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Traditional Latin Mass/Gregorian Masses

Other General Donations and the Work of the Monastic Community

If you desire to make a general donation for reasons other than Mass Requests Please feel free to do so, however, we suggest that you go to our Contact Page on this Site and send us an email stating the purpose of the donation as that would be helpful.

Additionally, when someone makes such a donation, we most always, will celebrate a number of masses for your intentions. Our Way of saying Thank You!

A Monastic is not a special person, but rather, a person who has chosen a certain life, a life in which he/she dedicates their life to the Service of the Lord Jesus Christ. This life brings him/her closer to God, and within this community of the Consecrated Religious Life, prayer, adoration, fasting, reparation, studying, assisting the poor, teaching and so many other tasks, are just a part of what a Monastic is.

As a Monk or Nun, you can find an array of special talents to which one will have. Nursing, teaching, and so many other means to which the people may benefit. In a sense, it can be said that the monastics are somewhat, the warriors of Holy Mother the Church. The monastics through prayers ward off Satan and fight for the freedom from sin for the Faithful. Through fasting, and prayer, it is amazing what the power of these prayers can do. As monks and nuns, especially, those of the Contemplative Orders, and those of Perpetual Adoration of the Holy Eucharist.

Orders, those dedicated to the Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist, bring about many blessings to us all, through this devotion, and the prayers to which these men and women offer for us all, on a daily basis!

We Monks and Nuns however, often request the prayers of our brothers and sisters, the laity of the Church.