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Traditional Latin Mass/Gregorian Masses

The Mission Work

Saint James of Jerusalem Mission & Monastic Community

A Religious Community

The Religious Order of Sts. Basil & Benedict of the Minims Enclave

A Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Jurisdiction

We are a Bi-ritual Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church offering both Eastern Orthodox Liturgies


The Traditional Latin Mass of the Western Church

As a Monastic Community we have much more time in which to Celebrate Memorial Masses [That being The Holy Gregorian Masses]. Where regular Parish Priests do not always have the time in which to celebrate thirty consecutive masses. We however, do have the opportunity to do that!

Please send your requests to us, we would be delighted to celebrate your Requested Gregorian Masses!

Thank You and God Bless You!


Parish Administration

Foreign Mission Guidance and Administration

Prison Ministries

Anti-Abortion Programs & Conferences

Youth Protection against;

Child Sexual Abuse—Program Referrals

Teen Pregnancy Issues—Forming of Workshops for our youth and education


Monastic Formation and Training